Camara de 1 Gigapixel

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Camara de 1 Gigapixel

Mensajepor m79 » 22 Oct 2007, 12:13

Sin palabras simplemente.

The Pan-STARRS-1 telescope on Haleakala, Maui, now has a gigapixel camera in place, ready to catalogue stars and spot asteroids that might pose a threat to Earth.

The Pan-STARRS project aims to seek out variable phenomena in the skies by photographing the whole of the sky visible from Hawaii each week. Software will pick out changes that signify new potentially hazardous asteroids, compare images to calculate the orbit and automatically send out alerts when necessary.

The camera produces images 38 000 pixels square, about 1.4 gigapixels in total, on images around 40 cm across. It is sensitive enough to pick out stars 10 million times fainter than the eye. ... meras.html

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Mensajepor andresmatorral » 22 Oct 2007, 12:37

¡¡¡Jo--r, en ese chip se pueden asar chuletones!!!

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Mensajepor Miguelo » 22 Oct 2007, 15:08

Lo siento, no me interesa su compra; no por la cuestión de precio que seguro es bastante asequible, sino porque no cabe en mi observatorio...y en el caso de que cupiera, forzaría un poquitín los motores de mi LX-200 Classic, que los pobres están ya pa jubilarse.


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