Ayuda para instalar HST Guide Star Catalog en Cartes du Ciel

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Ayuda para instalar HST Guide Star Catalog en Cartes du Ciel

Mensajepor cieloestrellado » 16 Dic 2007, 12:55

He visto que el programa Cartes du Ciel viene preparado para manejar el HST Guide Star Catalog con el que se llega a la magnitud 15 en las estrellas que aparecen en pantalla.

Creo que el catálogo se puede descargar sin recurrir a la piratería, pero no he conseguido hacerme con él.

Agradecería que si alguien sabe cómo hacerlo, nos informe de cómo se puede descargar y cómo se puede instalar en el disco duro del ordenador en la carpeta de Cartes du Ciel de forma que el programa reconozca los archivos.


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Mensajepor Arbacia » 16 Dic 2007, 13:12

Los catálogos los bajas de aqui:

o de aquí:

Luego, en la web de Cartes du ciel puedes descargarte el programa de conversión del HST Guide Star Catalogue



Cartes du Ciel, Sky Charts

Patrick Chevalley



This program convert the HST Guide Star Catalogue from the original FITS format
CD-rom for use with "Cartes du Ciel" / "Sky Charts" program.
You may run this utility only if you want to put the Guide Star on hard disk, otherwise
"Sky Chart" might use the CD-rom directly.
The GSC Compact version must be used directly by Cartes du Ciel but not by this
In the first field enter the complete directory path to the zone directory of the original
In the second the individual zone to convert.
In the third field enter the path where to install the converted catalog ,
I suggest you keep the default: <Sky Chart path>\cat\gsc
For the complete catalogue you must have 480 MB free disk space on the destination
directory but less if you convert only a few declination zones.
If you check the box "Remove multiple entries" then only the first occurence of stars
with the "multiple" flag will be keep, this save aproximately 30% of space without
effect on chart quality.
If you check the box "Remove non stellar objects" then all object with the "class"
code different from 0 or 2 will be rejected, this save 15% of space but may cause the
rejection of real stars in crowded fields.
When the two options are checked this save globaly 40% of space.
Press "Conversion" key and be patient...
Each zone may take from five to thirty minutes to complete, depending on your
When it finish press "Exit" key.

Terms and conditions :
"Cartes du Ciel" is a freeware. You can freely install and use any number
of copies for your personal or public usage and publish the result as you want.
You are sole responsible to use this software which is deliver to you as is and
without any warranty.
You are authorized to redistribute this software on any support under the
restriction that you must not modify it, you include all the documentation
files and you not charge a price superior to the support itself.
Any commercial use is however prohibited without a specific authorization.

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Observatorio Tres Juncos

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Mensajepor cieloestrellado » 16 Dic 2007, 16:08

Gracias Arbacia

Me meteré a ello con la seguridad de saber que si surgen problemas hay alguien que seguro que te los resuelve.


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