Como se chequea un ETX-70 nuevo

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Como se chequea un ETX-70 nuevo

Mensajepor BasaBuru » 30 Dic 2007, 15:02


He leido en el foro que alguno a tenido problemas con el etx. Y la verdad me ha inquietado un poco.

He leido que a una persona se le ha quedado frito a los 20 minutos de usarlo.


Me podriaís decir cuales son las acciones y los pasos para chequearlo. De forma que me quede tranquilo sobre su correcto funcionamiento.

Como se comprueba que todo esta OK.

Existe algún manual para novatos que nos enseñe el proceso??

Muchas gracias. :oops:


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Mensajepor xcasab » 30 Dic 2007, 17:40

Pues este es el checklist oficial de Meade, tal y como se recoge en la página web de irishastronomy.

Meade ETX70 checklist ... c&start=15

I had problems with my ETX and Meade (Germany) sent me the following checklist. They were not all relevant tbut seem to be a general checklist. I see that some of them may help to resolve yours.

Hope it helps.



Aperture: 70 mm
Focal length: 350 mm

The specialty of this telescope: Finding of celestial objects is made easy by the Autostar Computer after a brief alignment.

Hints for the handling of the ETX 70 / Service and problem solutions:
1. Level telescope tube an let it point straight north
2. Tighten Azimut and horizontal lock until a firm feel

Autostar displays “Motor failure”:
1. Press and hold “Mode” button for 2-3 seconds. The telescope now performs a motor test and is ready for use.
2. If necessary, change the batteries. Alkaline Batteries are best, do not use rechargeable ones.


This is the fastest and most convenient way to align the ETX 70. The Autostar needs the following data for the very first alignment:

• Telescope model
• Alignment method
• Country
• City

Date, Time and Daylight savings yes/no are asked for every alignment.
The Autostar then picks automatically two alignment stars from its database. After the telescope slew to the first alignment star, the user is prompted to centre it in the field of view by using the arrow keys and press “Enter”. With the second alignment star, the procedure has to be repeated. The alignment is finished!

Important points to the ETX 70, occurring frequently:

From time to time, a “Motor training” should be done. This is described in the instruction manual and leads to a better pointing accuracy.

After a prolonged time of tracking, the telescope may lose the object. In this case, the object can be re-centred in the field of view by using the arrow key at a slow slew speed setting. Now press “Enter” for 2-3 seconds; Autostar displays “Enter for sync.” After a second brief press, the ETX 70 is successfully re-synchronized to the object.

“The telescope doesn’t move”: Tighten the axis locks up to a firm feel.
“Picture is upside down”: For astronomical purposes, it is not relevant. For terrestrial observations, use the Amici-prism.

“Motors make a slightly noise while tracking”: This is normal.

Saludos y Feliz Año a todos


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