Montura GT-ONE

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Montura GT-ONE

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Hola a todos los foreros,

estoy leyendo el genial libro The New CCD Astronomy ( ) y en el capítulo de monturas ecuatoriales se menciona la GT-ONE de Williams Yang Optics, la crítica es muy favorable y su precio ronda los 3000€.

Poco he encontrado en la red ( y ), y me huele que en España es difícil encontrarla ¿Conocéis algo?

Os pongo el comentario del autor:
William Yang
A new mount came out in 2001 from William Yang
Optics, the GT-ONE. It is available in standard and
heavy-duty (HD) models.
The gears in these goto
mounts are extremely well made, yet the price is exceptionally
affordable for such quality (about $3000). All
reports point to this being a great bargain for imaging.
The first version uses the SkySensor 2000 PC which is
very full-featured for visual use, but you should expect
to take some time to get familiar with the features
you’ll be using when you image as they are mostly buried
in the menu structure.
I highly recommend reading
the full documentation for the SkySensor, as otherwise
you may be unaware of what it can actually do for you.
The SkySensor is oriented toward the visual
observer, but the features you need are available once
you know where to find them. The tracking of the GTONE
is exceptional. The GT-ONE has less than 10
arcseconds of periodic error. The unit I tested had a
periodic error of 7 arcseconds. The GT-ONE has very
smooth tracking, with very low random tracking errors,
again a pleasant surprise for this price range.

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