Driver para el GPUSB de Shoestring

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Driver para el GPUSB de Shoestring

Mensajepor ManoloL » 12 Abr 2006, 20:10

Hola a todos:

Shoestring ha desarrollado un driver que va a permitir usar con la caja de reles GPUSB, que fabrican para usar via USB, algunos de los programas que no soportaba tal como GuideDog.
Aqui teneis la nota que he recibido:


Until now, the GPUSB Guide Port Interface product from Shoestring Astronomy has used a proprietary driver. Most autoguide software developers have incorporated support for this driver into their software, but a few popular products such as GuideDog and Maxim Essentials have not yet released a version with GPUSB support added.

Shoestring Astronomy has developed an ASCOM driver for the GPUSB. Using this driver, any autoguide software package that supports the ASCOM PulseGuide method should be able to work with the GPUSB. This driver is still a beta version, but if you would like to try it and provide us with feedback on it, we would really appreciate it.

1) If it is not already on your computer, download the ASCOM platform from

2) Install the GPUSB ASCOM driver at: ... _setup.exe

3) If not already on your computer, install the autoguide software of your choice.

Please email comments and bug reports to

We hope to have a final release of this driver out in two to three weeks and will announce its availability via our website and Shoestring News.

Shoestring Astronomy


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